Choosing The Right e-Learning Methods

Many organisations are now transforming their learning and development programs to the eLearning domain. But choosing the right methods for their business based on their needs is still a challenge. Choosing the right eLearning programs depends upon many factors like proper need analysis, target audience analysis, task analysis, topic analysis, and evaluation methods. Apart from these analyses there is the very important principle of Learning Pyramid created by the National Training Laboratories. Choosing the right delivery methods directly impact effectiveness and cost benefit for the organisations.


Choosing The Right e-Learning Methods

Choosing The Right eLearning Methods
Lately, we have been using the Instructional Design model called ADDIE Model which has five phases: Analysis, Design, Develop, Implementation, and Evaluation. My favorite is Analysis Phase which plays a very important role in training delivery and performing all kind of analyses like need, task, topic and training evaluation.

Learning Content Types
There are many Content Types focused on eLearning. Those are totally based on the need analysis and the type of learners. Let us start, with the type of contents we are creating while we think of eLearning as an option. Here are the most common Learning Content Types:

Learner-centred content.
eLearning curriculum should be relevant and specific to learner’s needs, roles and responsibilities in professional life. This kind of content like skills, knowledge and all kind of learning media provided to keep the focus on learner’s end.

Engaging content.
Instructional methods and techniques should be used creatively to develop an engaging and motivating learning experience. It depends upon developing the storyboard that has to be based on a very engaging way of learning programs.

Interactive content.
Frequent learner interaction is needed to sustain attention and promote learning. Scenario based learning is a good example for this kind of learning media.

Self-paced courses should be customizable to reflect learner’s interests and needs; in instructor‑led courses, tutors and facilitators should be able to follow the learners’ progress and performance individually.